Fik Gaza bans performing in Saudi Arabia again

Fik Gaza, a rising musician from Uganda, has promised never to perform in Saudi Arabia again. This comes after he was recently arrested in the nation and held for a few days. Not long after his show, Gaza was handcuffed and sent to prison.

Fortunately for him, he was freed a few days later after several Ugandan musicians, including Ykee Benda and Bobi Wine, demanded his freedom. The vocalist of Banana and Sanyu responded to his detention by declaring that it would be his final performance there.

He merely stated that it is forbidden to sing on stage in the Arab country, without providing a clear explanation for his imprisonment. His arrest as a result resulted from this. But because to Bobi Wine’s pressure, he was freed and even given VIP treatment.

The dancehall musician added that he can only return to Saudi Arabia on vacation or for personal business. According to Fik Gaza, the promoter who escorted him to Saudi Arabia was also detained and is incarcerated.

“I can never go back to perform in Saudi Arabia. Maybe when I’m going there to enjoy myself but as an artist, I cant. The reason why I was arrested was that they don’t allow people to perform on stage. But when the Principal, Bobi Wine roared, it was loud and clear. They released me and even treated me like a VIP escorting me to the airport,” the singer said.