A Man Discovers His Girlfriend’s Peculiar Home Life in the Delightfully Macabre Peaches & Scream

A man looks in a bathroom mirror, not noticing a strange shadow behind the shower curtain

Thomas is excited to visit his girlfriend Anna’s family home for the first time—but is startled to realize that a) it’s a freaking castle, and b) Anna’s dead relatives are still, uh, in residence. From Danish writer-director Adrian Kirk Ejsing, horror short Peaches & Scream takes an original idea and runs with it in a very funny-yet-gruesome way.

Dealbreaker? You’d think, but love can make people do strange things! Here’s the official synopsis, courtesy of horror YouTube platform Alter: “When Thomas visits his girlfriend, Anna’s, home for the first time, he isn’t prepared for the fact, that she lives in a castle. That is just the beginning as he finds out his girlfriend has had to agree to an old family tradition of taxidermizing the dead and placing them in their favorite spot in the family home.The question quickly becomes whether Thomas can swallow her dark family secret or if he’ll be chased away.”

Tue Heiberg and Emilie Claudius Kruse play the happy couple, but it goes without saying that the corpses are the real MVPs.

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