Adele Tells Las Vegas Crowd She’s Ready to Drink Again: ‘This Is Red Wine Weather’


The British star previously said she was “literally borderline alcoholic” in her 20s.

Adele performs on stage as American Express present BST Hyde Park in Hyde Park on July 2, 2022 in London, England.

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for Adele

Adele‘s break from drinking appears to be over.

The British songstress, 35, told her Las Vegas residency audience that she’s ready to enjoy an alcoholic beverage as she prepares to take some time off before launching her 2024 Weekends With Adele shows at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace.

“I’m just going to chill. I’m annoyed as well that I’m sick because this is red wine weather,” Adele told fans, according to a Daily Mail report on Wednesday (Nov. 8). “I stopped drinking, but obviously now I’m ready to start again because it is my break.”

The 16-time Grammy winner announced in October that she’ll be extending her Weekends With Adele show into mid 2024. The 32-date run begins Jan. 19 and ends June 15.

“I can’t drink red wine ever when I’m singing because I don’t know about you, but red wine f—s me up. I cannot handle it,” the singer said between songs, adding that she’s shifted to sparkling water and half white wine with ice.

“A glass of red wine tips me over the edge,” she added. “I have the worst hangover, my whole mouth and tongue turns red. I look like a disaster and it just gets rid of my voice.”

The “I Drink Wine” singer recently shared with fans that she had given up drinking liquor in recent months. The revelation came during a mid-October concert when she spotted an audience member enjoying an alcoholic beverage.

“I stopped drinking quite a long time ago… I stopped drinking, when did I stop drinking? It feels like forever. Maybe like three-and-a-half months ago,” Adele said. “It’s boring. I mean, oh my God, it’s boring. I was literally borderline alcoholic for quite a lot of my 20s, but I miss it so much. I cut out caffeine, so enjoy your whiskey sour. I’m very, very jealous.”

The superstar has been vocal about drinking in the past, telling Vogue in a November 2021 feature that she was “fascinated by alcohol” because it’s what took away her absentee father, Mark Evans (who died of bowel cancer May 2021 and, according to People, was gone for most of Adele’s life after her parents’ divorce when she was 3 years old).

“I’ve always had a very close relationship with alcohol. I was always very fascinated by alcohol. It’s what kept my dad from me. So I always wanted to know what was so great about it,” she told the magazine.

Adele also spoke with Oprah in the same month about abstaining from alcohol, noting that quitting it is an incredible tool for self-reflection. “That’s one great way of really sort of getting to know yourself, is just drinking water and being sober as anything,” the artist said.

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