All Eyes on Jinja as 2024 PSFU Katale nears. Here is what you must know.

With less than one week to the much anticipated 2024 PSFU Women’s Day Katale, all eyes are on Jinja city, the host for this year’s edition.

Located along the busy Northern Trade Corridor, hosting the source of the River Nile and bordered by Lake Victoria, Jinja City is blessed with a variety of Tourist attractions, a good weather and hospitable people.

To those preparing to be at Dam Waters Rugby Grounds, Jinja for the 2024 PSFU Women’s Day Katale from 15th to 17th, here are some facts you need to know.

Jinja is less than 80 kilometers from Kampala and some 140 kilometers from the Malaba, Kenya-Uganda border.


Public Transport from Kampala to Jinja ranges between UGX 20,000 to UGX 40,000 depending on the means you choose. This can be a bus, coaster or mini-bus. You can also hire out a car for a day at between UGX 150,000 and UGX 500,000, exclusive of fuel.


Even though Jinja has the largest concentration of guest houses in Uganda, accommodation does not come cheap due to the high number of visitors that frequent it. You can get a basic budget guest house ranging between UGX 50,000 and UGX 150,000. Jinja also has some high-end, luxurious hotels ranging between UGX 300,000 and UGX 800,000 per night.

What to eat?

Food and Meals in Jinja are easy to find, either on the streets or in the guest houses. Chapati and Rolex are the most popular on the Jinja streets and these go for as low as UGX 500 and UGX 1,500 for a Chapati and Rolex respectively. A decent local food meal ranges between UGX 5,000 and UGX 40,000 depending on where you are having it while international cuisines and meals go for anyway between UGX 30,000 and UGX 100,000.

Activities and Attractions.

Jinja is blessed with a variety of Tourist attractions. The Nile, Lake Victoria, the falls and many others. While in Jinja, you can visit the water falls, do Bungee Jumping, Quad Bikes, Hiking, Tubing, Kayaking on River Nile, Sport Fishing, Water Rafting, Ziplining and many others. Not forgetting, checking out both the new and old Jinja bridge.


Jinja has a vibrant nightlife with several bars and disco spots. The city is always a bee hive of activities and it literally doesn’t sleep. The trucks, the buses and the people.

More about the PSFU Women’s Day Katale.

Aligned with International Women’s Day celebrations, the Katale is an annual event that acknowledges the significant contributions and potential of women and girls as entrepreneurs. It serves as a platform for young individuals to network, connect with potential customers, and expand their customer base.

Simultaneously, women entrepreneurs seize the opportunity to learn, enhance their skills, and build capacity across various business aspects. During the Katale, women and girl entrepreneurs exhibit their products and services at no cost, engage in networking activities, acquire marketing skills, and have the chance to sell their products directly to the audience during the exhibition.