Angola: Land Mines Kills Six People in Eastern Angola

Menongue — At least six people were killed and 13 others have been injured in eastern Cuando Cubango province as a result of 13 land mine accidents recorded in 2023, ANGOP learnt Sunday in Menongue city.

The figures were presented by the representative of the National Mine Action Agency (ANAM) in Cuando Cubango province, Marcial Cativa.

At the occasion, she said that the province has 626 areas infected with land mines, 153 of which are part of the Okavango-Zambeze Cross-Border Project (KAZA).

Of these areas, 412 have been cleared over an area of 30.1 million square metres, including 65 KAZA project areas, while 36 others are still being cleared, he said.

During 2023, he explained, 500 people of various ages were assisted with crutches, wheelchairs and prostheses through the Menongue Physical Rehabilitation Centre.

Likewise, campaigns have been carried out to raise awareness of the dangers of mines, their consequences and the precautions citizens should take in their daily lives to avoid more fatalities.

As part of the ongoing demining process, said Marcial Cativa, 76 sections of road have also been confirmed, covering a total of 5,958 kilometres throughout the province, with 39 sections corresponding to 3,10 kilometres having been cleared so far.

The ANAM representative said that of the 76 confirmed sections, 37 remain to be cleared, covering an area of 2,948 kilometres, recognizing that the mines are still preventing people from developing as they wish, especially in rural areas where the fields are used for cultivation.

Demining operators from the National Demining Centre (CND), Military Engineering, Border Guard Police and the NGO The Halo Trust, with 84 teams, are working to clear the areas affected by the Okavango-Zambeze Project. LMZ/ALK/FF/IZ/DAN/DOJ