Angola: President Announces Creation of Cybersecurity Academy

Luanda — Angolan head of State João Lourenço has announced plans for the installation of a cybersecurity academy in the country.

João Lourenço made the announcement when delivering his speech at the opening ceremony of the 3rd edition of ANGOTIC 2023 on Monday in Luanda.

The president said the academy is meant to ensure a safe and strong telecommunication service and information technologies in defence of the users.

He also spoke of the creation of regulatory conditions for the use of telecommunications networks.

João Lourenço said that, in partnership with the other interested parties, efforts were redoubled to guarantee trust and security in the use of service networks with a focus on the protection and defence of critical infrastructures and vital information services.

The statesman also added that measures had been taken to promote free, safe and efficient use of cyberspace by public and private entities.

In the field of innovation, he highlighted the emergence of very dynamic and

successful digital start-ups, which, in his view, prove the strength of the Angolan youth entrepreneurship ecosystem, which has already deserved several international awards for the degree of innovation and impact achieved in the economy.

The president put at 55% growth in the mobile telephone service and 20% increase in the internet access rate, from 2021 to the first quarter of the current year.

He noted that the sector has guaranteed the use of satellite images to support agriculture, oil production, land use planning, the mining sector, the environment, migration control and solutions to mitigate the problem of drought that cyclically devastates the south.

João Lourenço also mentioned, among the other pillars of the White Paper, the technological modernisation of public administration and regulation and innovation.

He highlighted that the “strong partnership” with the private sector, allowed to achieve a significant evolution in the use of digital services, from industry to commerce, banking, insurance, energy, health and by companies with a strong

tendency in the digital economy. JFS/AL/ADR/TED/NIC