Apple’s ‘Scary Fast’ Event Set to Reveal New Mac Products This Month

The Apple logo transforms into the Mac Finder icon, essentially confirming we’ll be seeing some news about new desktops or laptops.
Gif: Apple / Gizmodo

Boo! Apple has a not-so-surprising surprise in store for fans on October 30th. The Cupertino company announced Tuesday its set to reveal its second fall event of 2023. Titled “Scary Fast,” the online event is where Apple is expected to reveal new Mac products that could include a new iMac desktop or MacBook laptop.

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Scary fast is being held Monday, Oct. 30 at 5 p.m. PT. The event will be pre-recorded and online only, meaning folks will have to wait to get hands-on time with whatever Apple’s got cooking up (probably not a pumpkin pie). The event should stream from the company’s official events page and on its YouTube channel. Looks like we’re all going to be bobbing for apples.

Earlier this week, reports hinted that Apple had one last big product announcement for this year. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman claimed Apple is planning to showcase a new iMac that would finally be an upgrade from the M1-powered all-in-one desktop first launched back in 2021. We likely won’t see any new updates to the MacBook Air, but Apple could show off a new 13-inch, 14-inch, or 16-inch MacBook Pro.

It’s unclear if these new products will be powered with the company’s latest 3nm M3 silicon, but since the iMac skipped over 2022 and the advent of the M2 chip, Apple could be trying to spook fans with the latest from its proprietary chips.

Rumors hint there’s far less chance we’ll see any new additions to the company’s iPad lineup, as it seems Apple is ready to skip this year and offer consumers something more dramatic when 2024 rolls around.

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