Aqib Talib Incited Brawl Before Fatal Shooting At Youth Game, Witness Claims

Multiple eyewitnesses claim Aqib Talib sparked the altercation that ended with a man being shot dead by the former NFL star’s brother during a youth football game, according to The Blaze.

“Aqib incited the whole uproar,” an opposing coach told Jason Whitlock, adding, “The game would’ve never been stopped had Aqib not come over to our sideline to yell at the refs.”

It’s been one of the primary questions since news of the tragic incident came to light … what happened to spark the tragic and deadly incident?

According to multiple witnesses, Aqib became irate after a flag was thrown against the 9-and-under team he financed, spurring him to cross the field and confront the refs.

“That’s what was so weird. All of the tension was between them and the refs,” the opposing team’s defensive coordinator told Whitlock, adding Aqib, his brother Yaqub, and the other coaches, including the man who was ultimately killed, knew each other.

“There was no problem between the coaches. We all know each other. Kerry Lewis and Yaqub have coached together. I followed Aqib’s whole career, starting at Kansas. The other thing is that it was their event. They were the hosts. They hired and paid the refs. The refs weren’t cheating for us,” the coach explained.

After persistent complaining and threats, the witnesses say the game was called. That’s when the 43-year-old man — a coach whose son played on his team — attempted to retrieve a football that was located near the Talib brothers and others.

A witness claims as the coach began to pick up the ball, Aqib swung at the man. The coach retaliated, hitting Aqib with the yard marker.

Then the brawl was on … the coach retreated, as is seemingly seen on video we posted earlier this week, as the man attempted to get away from a group of 5+ people who were advancing.

Seconds later, after the man dropped the yard marker, five shots rang out, leaving him dead on the football field.

Now, everyone’s searching for answers.

“There’s no justification for having a weapon at a kids’ football game,” the opposing head coach said.

“It’s 90 degrees outside and you’re wearing a black hoodie. None of it makes sense. Our babies were all there. Yaqub’s kids were there. Mike’s kids. Football fields are supposed to be a safe haven for these kids. This is where they go to get away from the street life. They come here to feel safe. It’s not like that anymore.”

NFL's Aqib Talib's Brother Turns Himself In After Youth Football Shooting

NFL’s Aqib Talib’s Brother Turns Himself In After Youth Football Shooting

Aqib’s attorney told the outlet the story was “inaccurate.”

Yaqub turned himself into authorities in Lancaster, TX … and has been charged with murder.

Aqib has not been charged with any crimes.