Ariel Winter Is Tickled Pink In Stunning Bikini Before Meeting With Furry Friend

On FRIDAYS, We Wear Pink

Ariel Winter / Instagram

While wearing a classy pink bikini, 22-year-old Winter shared some sultry water pics with fans and stared into the camera while flashing a wry smile.

“[W]ent from swimming to a surprise meet and greet with Chewbacca swipe to see the pics😍 my personal fav is pic 4 jussssst saying,” she wrote to fans while showing off two separate pictures of her bikini.

The temperatures around Los Angeles, where Winter lives, have been hitting triple-digit numbers and the star’s rosy cheeks look like she’s been seeing a bit of sun.

Meet Chewbacca

Ariel Winter / Instagram

Ariel Winter is a true “Star Wars” die-hard, after already showing her love for “The Mandalorian” star Baby Yoda and now showing off some pictures with a dog with a striking resemblance to Chewbacca. The actress was seen cuddling up with the Wookie-looking pup and also took some time to style him up with a fresh hairdo.

It’s unclear if the dog belongs to the star, but she did say he was a rescue and tag the American Humane Society in her post.

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Getting Ready for Work

Giphy | TNT Drama

Ariel Winter is getting ready to head back to work following Hollywood shutting down during the COVID-19 pandemic and her new gig is actually inspired by the madness going on in 2020. It was just announced that Winter would be joining an indie project called “Don’t Log Off.”

According to Deadline, “Winter is joining Don’t Log Off, an indie feature set entirely during the early days of the COVID-19 quarantine … revolves around six friends attending a virtual surprise party when the birthday girl suddenly goes missing.”

The production is currently underway and reportedly involves shooting both virtually and on-location.

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