Attention Procrastinators: Here’s Your Last-Minute Fandom Gift Guide

Loungefly, Target Vera Bradley, Avatar shirt, Tron soundtrack, ghibli sweater

Image: Loungefly, Vera Bradley, Hot Topic, Box Lunch

So you waited until the 11th hour and it’s now too late to order holiday presents online. Thankfully, there are several stores where you can still scavenge in-person for the perfect last-minute geeky gift for the fan in your life. Pro-tip to speed up your quest even more: order pick-up exists!

Here are our last-minute picks for making spirits bright, featuring Marvel, Star Wars, Avatar, Studio Ghibli, and beyond!

howls cardigan

Screenshot: Box Lunch

Find this Box Lunch exclusive in stores or order pickup online.

Tron Legacy Vinyl

Screenshot: Target

This Tron: Legacy record is worth digging around your local Target to find. Start by seeing if it’s in stock nearby here.

Avatar shirt hot topic

Screenshot: Hot Topic

Show off the way of water in this Hot Topic release.

Grogu Vera Bradley Duffle

Screenshot: Vera Bradley

Perfect for traveling this winter. Find it at Vera Bradley locations.

Spiderman loungefly fye exclusive

Screenshot: FYE/Loungefly

Find it at your local FYE store.

spirited away shirt

Screenshot: Box Lunch

Another one from the extensive Box Lunch-Studio Ghibli collab; check for stock here.

the haunted mansion call in the spirits game

Image: Disney Consumer Products

Somehow 999 ghosts fit into one little box you can find in Target’s board game aisle, perfect for the Disney Parks Haunted Mansion fan.

star wars sidekicks wallet our universe

Screenshot: Box Lunch

Another Box Lunch treasure to find.

marvel sock advent calendar

Screenshot: Target

Socks: a standard holiday gift you can’t go wrong with. Hunt for them at Target.

stance original trilogy socks

Screenshot: Stance

Here’s another for the nerdy sock enthusiast. Visit your local Stance at the mall and check out the Star Wars selection.

eddie munson hair metal shirt

Screenshot: Hot Topic

When you can’t find the Hellfire shirt everyone has, swap in a shirt with hair metal Eddie in all his glory, wearing that Hellfire shirt. Where else? Hot Topic.

max mayfield stranger things tarot shirt

Screenshot: Hot Topic

Truly obsessed with this Stranger Things shirt design. Put on those headphones and run up that hill to Hot Topic.

Nightmoth Plum lip pencil

Screenshot: MAC

Finding Wednesday merch is a mission; it’s sold out everywhere. Here’s an out of the box idea: buy the same lip pencil used in the show to recreate the lip color that makeup artist Cat Quinn used on Wednesday (Jenna Ortega). Quinn helpfully shared the deets on her IG. Find it at the MAC store or department stores that carry the color, aptly named Nightmoth.

one piece sweater fye

Screenshot: FYE

Find this Straw Hat Crew sweater at FYE.

devil fruit boxers

Screenshot: FYE

Find these Devil Fruit boxers only at FYE.

Thor Love and Thunder Steel book

Screenshot: Best Buy

Physical media purists unite! If you know someone who has been collecting any and all Marvel releases, you can find this one at Best Buy.

house of the dragon season one steelbook

Screenshot: Best Buy

This is really neat, but is it a Valyrian steelbook? Find out if you nab one at Best Buy.

stranger things season 4 vinyl

Screenshot: Walmart

Find this exclusive release complete with all your favorite era-specific songs and a bonus puzzle at Walmart.

wall-e criterion collection

Screenshot: Barnes and Noble

Find this Pixar classic at Barnes and Noble.

columbia obi-wan kenobi parka

Screenshot: Columbia

This Republic parka is available at Columbia locations.

E.T. light up finger build a bear

Screenshot: Build-A-Bear

Pop culture stuffed collectibles like E.T., Gizmo (from Gremlins), Ms. Marvel (with Sloth Baby), Grogu, the Riddler, and more are available at customizable teddy shop Build-A-Bear.

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