Avatar Returns to Novels with F.C. Yee’s Legacy of Yangchen

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Though Paramount is keen to continue Avatar: The Last Airbender through more shows and films, the action-fantasy series also has a number of books and comics that have helped build out its world and history. Since 2019, Amulet Books has been putting out YA novels dubbed Chronicles of the Avatar that have focused on the predecessors of Aang and Korra. The first pair of novels focused on the fan-favorite Kyoshi of the Earth Kingdom as she came into her identity as the master of all four elements, and now the next book will conclude the story of Yangchen.

F.C. Yee’s upcoming novel, The Legacy of Yangchen, picks up after the events of 2022’s Dawn of Yangchen. After successfully bringing peace to the city of Bin-Er, the Air Nomad is working to find the weapon known only as Unanimity and stop it before war across the Four Nations breaks loose. But when the weapon is unleashed and used in an assassination attempt, Yangchen has no choice but to go to her frenemy Kavik for help. As written in the novel’s description, Yangchen will “chart the course of her legacy, finally making peace with her choices and facing Avatarhood with the courage it demands.”

With how the Chronicles books have served as a way for the Avatar series to live on until a new show arrives from Paramount or Netflix, it’s likely the books will continue on after Yangchen’s adventures wrap up. Going by the elemental order, that means a Fire Nation or Water Tribe Avatar would be up next—the former has Roku (Aang’s direct predecessor) or Szeto to its name, while Kuruk hails from the latter. But there are other Avatars mentioned throughout Yee’s books whose nationalities have yet to be revealed, and maybe they’ll headline a novel within the next couple of years.

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Avatar: The Legacy of Yangchen will release in stores and digital on July 18. You can read the first chapter in its entirety over on Polygon.

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