Ben Crump Takes Over Black Realtor's Case, Lawsuit Possible thumbnail

Ben Crump Takes Over Black Realtor’s Case, Lawsuit Possible

Ben Crump
Takes Over Black Realtor’s Case …
Might Sue Cops

8/11/2021 3:35 PM PT

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Ben Crump is now taking on another civil rights case … this time seeking justice for a Black realtor who was wrongfully detained in Michigan during a house showing.

Crump tells us he is considering a lawsuit against the City of Wyoming PD for what he says was the false imprisonment and unlawful detention of realtor Eric Brown and his client Roy Thorne.

As we reported, cops detained and handcuffed Brown, Thorne and his 15-year-old son during a house showing. They detained the 2 men after a neighbor made a call to cops that they fit the description of someone who allegedly broke into a nearby house. The description was incredibly vague.

The Wyoming PD has since apologized for the incident, but says race had nothing to do with how officers responded to the situation. The department explained the call came in as a possible home invasion, and their officers responded as trained.

But, Brown and Thorne claim the ordeal caused them to suffer mental trauma, and they’re saying the whole incident was rooted in racial profiling. What’s more … Thorne’s son, Sammie, now suffers from anxiety and has trouble sleeping from the incident.

We’re told Wyoming police brass recently met with the NAACP Grand Rapids center on how to help community relations moving forward, but Brown and Throne declined to join the meeting … citing they weren’t yet mentally prepared to talk with cops.