Billie Eilish Answers Questions From Justin Bieber, Missy Elliott, Mel C & 20 Other Celebs in ‘Ask a Legend’

Billie Eilish Answers Questions From Justin Bieber, Missy Elliott, Mel C & 20 Other Celebs in ‘Ask a Legend’

Billie’s new BFF Bieber dialed in with a very, very serious question: “would you rather have fresh socks, or fresh sheets?” That was a tough one, because she really doesn’t want to sleep in dirty sheets, but also doesn’t want to put on dirty socks. Both, honestly. Dominick Fike wanted to know when the last time she did something for the first time. Unfortunately, the answer, she said, was “really explicit,” so she revealed she went on a date for the first time recently.

Comer wondered what Billie’s go-to karaoke song is, which, it turns out, is anything by H.E.R. or Chief Keef, while brother Finneas dialed in to ask if there are any shows she’s played that she has no recollection of. Yes, is the answer, with Billie explaining that she sometimes remembers moments based on what she was wearing at the time.

She got quite a songwriting compliment from British grime rapper Stormzy, while Vince Staples, Hailey Bieber and Arlo Parks asked about her favorite take-out, video games and what brings her the most joy (playing shows for thousands of fans, if you have to know). Other celebs Zooming in included Orlando Bloom (curious about why she became vegan), Viola Davis (how do you stay grounded?) Berry (how often does she take singing lessons?) and director Tim Burton (why does everyone think she’s from another planet? Or London, or New York?)

“People think I’m like a demon, a lot of them. That’s pretty crazy. I mean I’m honored,” she joked. Avril Lavigne wondered what Billie is hoping to achieve in the future. “I’m not like a goal person. Like I don’t set real future, future goals that are super strict,” she said. “Because we all change and we all change what we like and how we feel. So I kind of have this feeling of like I want to do what I want to do right now.” She has a lot of ideas, but for now she’s going to just keep them in her head.

Mel C had a good question about which moment changed her, and, as it turns out, there have been more than 30 of them. But, if she was going to choose, Eilish said her big 2019 and 2020 Grammy nights, as well as performing her James Bond theme “No Time to Die” at the 2020 Oscars.

The video also featured queries from pal Curry about an animated show the singer touted to him that features her best friend Zoe, as well as pop-ins from Melissa McCarthy wondering about how Eilish developed her signature fashion sense and Jessie Reyez, who wanted to know what one thing Billie would give to everyone in the world if she could.

“I think I would give everyone the feeling of being content. I think that that’s an underrated pleasure,” she said.

Watch the “Ask a Legend” video below.