BJP workers not sore over CM post: Devendra Fadnavis

NEW DELHI: BJP leader and Maharashtra’s deputy CM Devendra Fadvnais on Saturday denied there was unhappiness in the party over ceding the post of CM to Shiv Sena’s

Eknath Shinde

. “On the contrary, there is happiness that the injustice done to them in 2019 has been rectified,” Fadnavis said referring to Shiv Sena choosing to break away from BJP after having contested the 2019 elections as an ally, joining hands with staunch “secular adversaries” NCP and Congress.
Fadnavis was addressing a joint press conference with Shinde on their first visit to Delhi after the formation of the new saffron coalition in Mumbai.
Shinde and Fadnavis who called on Prime Minister Narendra Modi dismissed the suggestion that the new regime could be unstable and rejected

Uddhav Thackeray

’s demand to hold mid-term polls.
Talking to reporters, Shinde said he and others had to break away from Uddhav Thackeray because of the existential threat facing the Sena MLAs under MVA, and dismissed the claims about the vulnerability of his coalition with BJP, saying it would complete its term.
The duo had on Friday called on Union home minister Amit Shah, who is seen as having choreographed the moves resulting in the downfall of the MVA government, to discuss the details of power-sharing between the coalition partners.
The two leaders said that the decision about the expansion of the ministry will be taken by the next week in Mumbai.
“There is no question of midterm polls. We have formed a strong government with the support of 164 MLAs and the opposition has only 99. Therefore, our government will complete its term,” Shinde said and added, “The BJP-Shiv Sena government under

Devendra Fadnavis

had initiated several development projects, which had been halted for the past two and half years. They have been revived now. ”
Asked about what prompted him to revolt against Uddhav Thackeray and walk away from MVA, the newly appointed CM said they had told the leadership three-four times to sever alliance with NCP and Congress and join “natural ally” BJP.
“Our party MLAs were feeling that their existence was under threat. We were not able to work as per the vision of Balasaheb Thackeray. Then we took the decision,” Shinde said.
He asserted that he had done nothing wrong as Bal Thackeray was strongly against any alliance with Congress and NCP and was against it to the extent that he had said that he would shut the party but never go with the two.
Asked about the Uddhav group filing a petition in the SC, Shinde said he has full faith in the judiciary and was not worried as he represents the actual Shiv Sena founded by Bal Thackeray, which has been recognised by the assembly speaker.