Blac Chyna Accuses Judge of Bias, Kardashian Attorney Says She’s A Sore Loser

Blac Chyna
Trial Judge Was Biased & Hostile …
Kardashian Atny Says She’s Just Trying to Save Face

5/10/2022 3:02 PM PT


4:42 PM PT — The Kardashian family attorney has responded to Chyna’s claims, and didn’t hold anything back, saying Chyna’s latest filing is a, “baseless effort to save face after losing at trial.”


They continue, saying while Chyna and her attorney may be upset they lost at trial, “their effort to make a scapegoat of Judge Alarcon is frivolous, dishonest, and deserving of sanctions.” They also point out the fact Chyna’s attorney didn’t have an issue like this with the judge until “after the jury found against her client.”

Blac Chyna thinks the deck was stacked against her in her fierce legal battle with the Kardashians … she accuses the judge of harboring an extreme bias.

According to new legal docs, obtained by this publication, Chyna is accusing Judge Gregory W. Alarcon of showing an “undeniably hostile and extremely biased” attitude against her and her attorney.

Chyna claims the judge’s alleged bias worked against her … specifically in regards to the judge’s jury instructions Chyna thinks led to the eventual verdict, which went in the Kardashian’s favor.

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Remember … the judge tossed Blac Chyna’s mom, Tokyo Toni, outta the courtroom for trashing Kris Jenner and her kids, and TT later appeared to threaten the judge, though she claims it was actually aimed at Kris and not the judge.

Chyna’s complaints echo those of Walter Mosley, the executive producer of “Rob & Chyna,” who testified during the trial. Walter thinks the judge clearly favored the Kardashians and didn’t seem to be a fan of BC’s lawyer, Lynne Ciani.