‘Bling Empire’ Star Anna Shay Dead at 62


‘Bling Empire’ Star Anna Shay
Dead at 62

6/5/2023 11:38 AM PT

“Bling Empire” star Anna Shay is dead after suffering a fatal stroke … this publication has confirmed.

The reality TV matriarch died Monday, according to her family.

In a statement to this publication, Anna’s family says … “It saddens our hearts to announce that Anna Shay, a loving mother, grandmother, charismatic star, and our brightest ray of sunshine, has passed away at the early age of 62 from a stroke.”

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The fam adds … “Anna taught us many life lessons on how not to take life too seriously and to enjoy the finer things. Her impact on our lives will be forever missed but never forgotten.”

After appearing on the first season of “Bling Empire” on Netflix back in 2021, Anna became a huge celeb … amassing a cult fan following in the process.

Kelly Mi Li, who stars alongside Anna on ‘BE’ took to IG to share a heartfelt message writing, “You are truly one of a kind and we will miss you forever.”

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Another ‘BE’ castmate, Kane Lim, tells this publication … “I’m shocked to hear the news of Anna’s passing. We had so many great memories together that were mostly behind the cameras and I’ll keep that dearly in my heart. We had a real friendship. My deepest condolences to her family. She will be missed.”

Dorothy Wang wrote on Instagram, “Rest in Peace, Anna. Your generosity, boldness, and fervor for life will forever be celebrated.”

Castmate Kim Lee tells this publication … “This is such a huge shock. I have so much love for Anna. I know that we had issues on the show but in real life, I had such a great connection with her outside of the show. We saw eye to eye, and she gave me so many words of wisdom I will never forget. There’s no one like Anna Shay; she’s an incredible and unique person who was beloved by so many people. My thoughts are with her family at this difficult time.”

Anna was the wealthiest person on “Bling Empire” … inheriting hundreds of millions of dollars from her late father, who made his fortune as a defense contractor.


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She was married and divorced four times … and is survived by her son, Kenny Kemp, and her grandchildren.

Anna was 62.