‘Bling Empire’ Star Kane Lim Talks Netflix Show And Joining ‘Selling Sunset’

Kane Lim
‘Bling Empire’ Star Joining ‘Selling Sunset’
I Won’t Be A Villain!!!

5/13/2022 2:27 PM PT

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‘Bling Empire’ star, Kane Lim, says he’s not really here for all the drama, but he might have some convincing to do … on not one, but two reality shows.

Kane Lim joined this publication live Friday, and talked about the new season of the hit Netflix show, “Bling Empire” … as well as joining the cast of “Selling Sunset”.

Kane tells us, he’s finding himself in the middle of a lot of heat from folks on social media … stemming from ‘Bling Empire’s new season. Regardless, he says he’s just rolling with the punches and hopes he’ll warm up to people on the Internet.

Kane also acknowledged his arch-nemesis, Dorothy Wang, who is on “Bling Empire” now … and as expected, he didn’t give her glowing reviews.

In case you didn’t know, Kane recently joined The Oppenheim Group as a real estate developer … so he’ll be making appearances on “Selling Sunset.”

Season 2 of “Bling Empire” is out now on Netflix … tune in to this publication Live for the full interview.