BLM Slams Kanye West’s Decision for KKK-Style Black Hood


Kanye West

12/15/2023 12:45 AM PT

Kanye West is pissing off some Black community leaders with his latest fashion choice — turns out slipping on a hood eerily similar to those of the Ku Klux Klan, isn’t sitting well with Black Lives Matter.

Ye wore his pointy black hood earlier this week at his “Vultures” listening party, and it’s causing outrage at BLM, and also the National Civic League.

Entertainment Kanye West with KKK hood

Black Lives Matter tells this publication … “The shock and disgust that Ye generated should be channeled into supporting efforts to eliminate this repugnant ideology from society.”

The issue here for BLM … “Hate groups are growing at an alarming rate in America. Of the list of over 1,200 active hate groups in society, the KKK is the largest with hundreds of chapters nationwide — making it larger today than any other point in the group’s long history.”

In other words, Kanye should be tearing down the KKK not propping them up.

BLM adds … it’s primary goal is “to expose the prevalence of white supremacist and anti-Black ideals in the U.S., and how those ideals are deeply rooted in its foundation. Recognizing this is the first step toward collective action to eradicate these harmful ideologies.”


Meanwhile, the folks at the National Civic League says it’s an insult to past and present victims of KKK violence.

As NCL President Doug Linkhart put it us … “Any wearing of clothing that evokes the Ku Klux Klan is an affront to not only those who have been targeted by the KKK, but to American values in general.”

The organization acknowledges Kanye’s artistic expression is protected by the Constitution, but adds, “Hate speech and symbols are hurtful and should be condemned, not condoned.”

Essentially, they’re saying just because Kanye is an artist known as a provocateur… he shouldn’t necessarily get a pass for flaunting KKK-like attire.