Blumhouse is Celebrating Halfway to Halloween with a Film Festival

Hope you like Blumhouse movies, because the company is re-releasing some old ones into theaters later this month.

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Hoping to start a new annual trend, the five day-long Halfway to Halloween film festival sees Blumhouse partnering with AMC Theaters (across 100 theaters in 40 US cities) from Friday, March 29 to Tuesday, April 2. Split will kick things off on the 29th, followed by The Purge (March 30), Ouija: Origin of Evil (March 31), Insidious (April 1), and 2020’s The Invisible Man (April 2). In the case of Insidious, that’ll also mark the film’s 13-year anniversary. Each screening will also give viewers the chance to win a giveaway or see a recorded message from a particular film’s director or cast.

For those wincing about ticket prices wherever they live, Blumhouse has got you covered: tickets will run $8 a pop each day. The entire point of the festival, accoding to Blumhouse founder Jason Blum, is to “celebrate local communities of horror fans…with a fun, affordable and slightly evil night at the movies.” Along with big cities like Boston and Miami, theaters in Wichita, Spokane, Dallas, and New Orleans will be a part of the festival.

It’s looking like this’ll be a summer of re-releases. Along with Blumhouse, Dreamworks recently confirmed it was bringing Shrek 2 back to theaters to celebrate that film’s 20th anniversary. Sony’s allegedly bringing its eight live-action Spider-Man movies back, too. Not only does Columbia Pictures turn 100 this year, the second entry in each Spider-Man era hits a significant milestone: Spider-Man 2 will turn 20 on June 30, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be 10 on May 2, and Spider-Man: Far From Home hits five years on July 2. (These re-releases may also have something to do with Madame Web underperforming, but who can say?)

You can get tickets for the Halfway to Halloween festival here.

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