Boxer Ryan Garcia Beats Champ Devin Haney in 3 Knock Down Bout


Ryan Garcia
Beats The Crap Out Of Devin Haney …
Yet Still Not Champ

Entertainment ryan garcia and devin haney

Ryan Garcia scored a major upset over boxing champion Devin Haney, knocking him on his ass THREE TIMES during the dramatic bout.

Entertainment ryan garcia and devin haney

Garcia stood toe-to-toe with Haney — the WBC junior lightweight title holder — Saturday night at Brooklyn’s Barclay’s Center. The two went the distance, pulverizing each other for 12 grueling rounds.

In the end, Garcia snagged the majority decision, and, deservedly so, after he repeatedly dropped Haney to the canvas with powerful blows.

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Check out this video showing all the knockdowns … The first occurred in the 7th round when Garcia hit Haney in the head with a left hook.

Entertainment ryan garcia and devin haney

Then came another left hook from Garcia in the 10th round, leveling Haney. And finally, in the 11th round, Garcia did it again with yet another left hook!

Entertainment ryan garcia and devin haney

Clearly, Haney didn’t get the memo about Garcia’s lethal left punch.

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But, Haney retained his title because Garcia failed to make weight before the fight, disqualifying him from winning the belt, yet the boxing event still went forward.

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