BTS’ J-Hope to Release ‘Hope on the Street’ Documentary & OST Album in 2024


J-Hope reveals his post-military service plans in a new episode of Suga’s SUCHWITA.

BTS‘ J-Hope might still be completing his military service requirement, but the rapper has big plans for the months following his release. Hope appeared on the Wednesday (July 18) episode of fellow BTS member Suga‘s SUCHWITA drinking show, during which he revealed details regarding a brand new documentary and accompanying OST album, as well as the motivations behind releasing a one year anniversary version of his debut solo album, Jack in the Box.

J-Hope’s March single “On the Street” with J. Cole served as a preview of what’s to come, he told Suga.

“There’ll be new content about my life called Hope on the Street. It’ll be about my dancing and my story,” he explained in between bites of food and drink. “The dancing scene is actually much bigger than you think. It just hasn’t risen up to the surface. But if you really dig into it, there are so many talented people and it’s a huge market. So, as I experienced that personally, although I didn’t go to a lot of cities, I traveled around the world and filmed with a lot of amazing dancers. That documentary will be out in 2024. It’s literally like it’s name, Hope on the Street. It’s just J-Hope dancing on the street.”

But that’s not all. J-Hope added, “There’s even gonna be an OST album for Hope on the Street. It’s just a special album consisting of six songs.”

While ARMY will have to wait for J-Hope’s new material, they have the one year anniversary re-release of his album Jack in the Box to look forward to. Arriving in August, the newly expanded HOPE Edition of the album includes “Lollapalooza Versions” of his songs “Equal Sign,” “Stop” and “Future,” as well as the instrumentals for “Arson” and “More.” On the new SUCHWITA episode, however, Hope revealed the album was originally supposed to be a mixtape.

“In the beginning, I started out with a mixtape concept. I thought I’d release a Weverse album or an LP just to commemorate the occasion,” he explained. “There was a bigger need for a physical album, a full album than I expected. The fans wanted it so much, and you and Jimin would also be releasing solo albums, so the fact that I didn’t have a physical album [for Jack in the Box] did bother me a little and I also felt really sorry about that to the fans, so I thought I should make one [for ARMY and the album’s first anniversary].”

Jack in the Box (HOPE Edition) will be released on Aug. 18. Watch J-Hope’s SUCHWITA episode in full in the video above.

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