Can Bethania Forgive DJ For Kissing Chelsea (Again) On Buckhead Shore?

DJ kissed Chelsea a second time on Buckhead Shore — while admitting that one woman has a special place in his heart: Bethania.

“I was happy that [she] came to the lake so I could finally have someone here I could connect with,” the smooth-talking sexual poet lyricist DJ said on tonight’s episode, suggesting that if he’s not careful, he’s liable to achieve Player Academy Student of the Month status.

Bethania, meanwhile, feels the same as DJ. “We could literally be playing solitaire right now or f*cking Uno and people would still be fighting,” she said of the Parker drama. “And at this point, I’m over it. At least I can look at DJ and know that him and I are good, and he’s just being the sweetheart in the corner, and that’s why I love him.”

But what about Chelsea? Fueled by Jack and Coke, DJ didn’t hesitate to get a little flirty around the firepit and plant one on her lips in Bethania’s absence. And while he admitted that “maybe [he] made a mistake,” he also questioned whether or not “Juju’s rubbing off” on him.

Exercising a show of girl code, Chelsea came clean to Bethania the next day about the kiss, noting that it meant “nothing” and “at the end of the day, I’m not interested [in DJ].”

Understandably, Bethania was less than thrilled.

“[This] validates the fact that I don’t think he takes anything seriously,” the Ethiopian beauty said. “DJ kissing Chelsea twice? The first time, it’s easy to understand; it’s a dare. The second time, it’s a choice.”

She then vowed to go straight to the source and get some “answers.”

“How do you like somebody and kiss their friend? I want to know exactly where we stand,” she said of her longtime friend-turned-lover. “I don’t want to do this back and forth. Either DJ likes me and he’s pursuing me, or he likes Chelsea and he can continue kissing her. But either way, I need answers.”

Can Bethania and DJ recover from his Buckhead blunder? Tune in next Thursday at 9/8c to find out!