Citizens in Niger express hope in the future

Citizens in Niger have expressed hope in the future three days after the military takeover that led to the detention of former president Mohamed Bazoum.

“We think that the arrival of the military at the head of the country will give us a little more hope by thinking that their arrival will cause the situation of insecurity to change and that our laborious populations will be able to go about their rural work and that schools that are closed will resume”, said Mamane Bagoudou

Another citizen, Aboubacar Yayé, added “there is an evil that is there that we have lived and that we have felt in our flesh, it is practically how long ago insecurity is gaining ground. Insecurity is only gaining ground in our territory, in my view, and it is perfectly normal for a change to occur”.

Regional bloc ECOWAS condemned the coup and appealed for the release of the former president.