Congo-Kinshasa: President Félix Tshisekedi Takes Oath and Makes Inaugural Speech of Second Term

Kinshasa — The following are posts from the official X/Twitter account of the Presidency of the Democratic Republic of Congo – @Presidence_RDC – translated from French by Google.

President Félix Tshisekedi has just taken an oath before the Constitutional Court, solemnly swearing, among other things, to observe and defend the Constitution and the laws of the Republic, and to safeguard national unity.

At the end of his oath, the Head of State received, from the President of the High Court, the symbols of power, but also that of traditional power through customary authority. He has thus officially taken office for his second term.

In the inaugural speech of his second term, President Tshisekedi said he was aware of the people’s expectations and reassured that he understood the scale of the task awaiting him.

The Head of State recalled his 6 major commitments for his new five-year term: more jobs, more purchasing power, more security for all, a more diversified and more competitive economy, more access to health services. and more efficient public services.

“Now, it is for us to transform, over the next five years, the feats that we have achieved and to complete the advent of a more united, better secure and more prosperous Congo,” he said. declared.

“I am committed to using everything in my power to ensure that the mistakes of the past are no longer repeated and that the actions necessary for the advancement of our country are promptly taken,” he added. According to him, “today, a new era is born!”