Conor McGregor’s Punch to Heat Mascot Sent Person Inside to Hospital


Conor McGregor
Punch to Heat Mascot
Sent Person Inside to Hospital: Report

6/10/2023 3:22 PM PT

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Conor McGregor punched the Miami Heat’s mascot last night, and while it all seemed to be in good (planned) fun … it actually ended up hurting the dude inside, per a new report.

According to The Athletic … the man who was playing “Burnie” during Friday’s game — specifically, the halftime show — was sent to the ER after taking a couple of closed-fist dings to the dome … courtesy of Conor, who was playing along in a clearly orchestrated sketch.

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You see, the whole thing was designed to plug CMG’s new pain relief spray — which he actually used during the comedy bit. The mascot got socked, went down … and then got socked again before being dragged away by staffers. Conor was spraying it on the way out.

Unfortunately … while Conor might’ve thought Burnie was just hamming it up for the crowd — the person wearing the costume was legitimately injured. The Athletic says the Burnie dude was treated at the hospital, and then released with pain medication … and was OK.

So, no real harm or foul all things considered … and it certainly doesn’t sound like anyone in the league or with the Heat is mad at Conor. It’s just one of those things — a battle wound if you will.

Conor hasn’t responded to the story just yet.