Coronation Street fans screaming and in tears over Tim’s deadly mistake as eagle-eyed point out ‘error’

Coronation Street fans were left screaming at their TV screens as Tim Metcalfe made a potentially fatal mistake. Viewers of the ITV soap have been left in tears as they fear the much-loved character has been killed by Stephen Reid.

Those who follow the long-running show are very much aware that the dastardly businessman-turned-serial killer will make a dramatic exit from the cobbles this week. But whether he escapes justice or finally pays for his crimes or not remains to be seen but it has been said he’ll leave shock and devastation in his wake.

While Stephen was seen plotting his escape to Thailand, he became distracted and wasted no time in accosting Tim whose digging around the canal led to the shocking discovery of the body in a car roof box. Viewers know it’s that of Teddy Thompkins, Stephen’s second victim, who he killed with a hole punch after he dug for the truth around his son Leo’s disappearance.

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After cottoning on to Stephen’s killer crimes, Tim made the grizzly discovery of the body in the car roof box. Tim rushed back to his cab and tried to call the police but the signal wasn’t great and he was cut off before, in dramatic scenes, he was attacked by Stephen – twice.

Stephen suddenly appeared in the back seat of the car and, realising he was heading towards the police station, Stephen strangled Tim only for him to get away. But the killer gave chase and when Tim thought he was safe, Stephen then hit him over the head with a metal bar.

But that wasn’t the end of the horror as Stephen then tied Tim up and appeared to suffocate him after he regained consciousness, with Tim left lying with his terrified eyes wide open. At the end of the episode, Tim’s body was shown in the boot of his taxi, with Stephen then dousing the car in petrol while in the middle of the woods.

Fans were screaming over Tim stopping to tie his shoelace

Taking to social media, Corrie fans couldn’t help but point out their frustrations over Tim’s move to stop and tie his shoelace when he thought he was clear of Stephen around the back of an industrial estate.

@fussyMcWhiskers tweeted: “#Corrie Tim, WHAT????? You stopped to tie your shoelace??????????!!!!!!!!” @delspeaksx commented: “Tim why on God’s green earth did you tie your shoe? Why?! #corrie.” @its_kirstyxoxo asked: “Who the f**k stops to tie their shoe laces when a MURDERER is chasing you #Corrie.” @mishybabez_ added: “Tim ran from Stephen then stopped to tie his shoelace really #Corrie.”

Other eagle-eyed viewers also flocked to social media as they thought they spotted a blunder. They spotted that when Tim was first initially left unconscious. his legs were sprawled out but when the scene cut back his legs were suddenly crossed.

Fans spotted a change in Tim’s position as he lay sprawled out after Stephen’s attack

@ifeelflames commented: “The lack of continuity over Tim’s fall position. Lands sprawled, then in the next shit his ankles are neatly crossed. #Corrie.” @sue20adams shared: “He goes down with one leg straight and the other at an angle, pans to Stephen and then when it goes back to Tim his feet are crossed.”

@poppylover79 replied: “I noticed that! However he wasnt dead so could have moved I guess.” @mvpnrs posted with a side by side shot showing the two different leg placements: “But he moved! Crossing his legs? #Corrie #CoronationStreet.” @Chestikov69 added: “How did Tims feet end up crossed he didn’t land like that #corrie.”

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