Delicious in Dungeon’s New Trailer Serves Up a Gorgeous Fantastical Feast

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Screenshot: Netflix/Kadokawa

Of all the fantastical manga crying out for a sumptuous adaptation, Ryōko Kui’s Delicious in Dungeon has long ranked high over the last decade of its serialization. And now that it’s finally happening, it looks to have been worth the mouth-watering wait.

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Studio Trigger has dropped a new trailer for its adaptation of Delicious in Dungeon—which wrapped up its nine-year run in Japan just this last month—ahead of its launch in early 2024. The manga follows a party of adventurers lead by a “Tallman” named Laios, who is eager to lead his group back into a labyrinthine dungeon in an effort to save his sister from unresurrectable death after she was eaten by a red dragon. But with dwindling supplies to sustain another dungeon-delving, and time against them, Laios and his friends find themselves turning to the various monsters they face to provide sustenance, no matter how weird.

Part fantasy action, part slice-of-life examination of cooking and its ability to connect people, Delicious in Dungeon proved to be an endearingly fun manga over its run, a mix of cute high fantasy shenanigans and sumptuous, intimate panels of cooking, and the anime looks like it’s going to deliver on both—something that plays with the fantasy genre in a really fun way.

Delicious in Dungeon will release in Japan on Netflix in January 2024, running for two consecutive cours.

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