Desire Luzinda Writes Heartfelt Letter To Parents Who Were Not Impressed By There Kids’ UNEB Results.


It was around the same time in January 2017 when Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB) results came back, with which my daughter, Michelle had sat.

She left me in bed and asked for my phone, sent couple of messages and no reply.
She seemed so tense but kept saying ,”I know I have performed well. Her friends results kept coming through and this made her even more tense because for some reason, even after several attempts,they were not coming for about an hour.
At about 10AM, the message came through and she found that she had attained 11 Aggregates. She put the phone and went straight to bed. That is when I sheerly knew that she hadn’t performed well. I followed her. She was in tears. She was so frail and disappointed in herself.

At this moment I thought something much worse but when she told me 11, I smiled and hugged her. I told her, “congratulations, you did well! And I know how hard you tried”.
I told her all the comforting words a mother would tell her child but she wouldn’t stop crying all day long.
She refuted, she didn’t want to talk to anyone. It took me days to make her understand she was the brightest and most hardworking girl i had ever seen and that i believed in her more than anyone.

As I was trying hard to get back back my joyful daughter to life, a monster journalist began to write nasty fake stories about her performance which made the situation worse. Sometimes she asked me questions and as I tried to comfort her I would excuse myself and break down and cry because it caused so much pain but I promised my self never to let my daughter to see my tears.
Michelle had really put in so much effort; I would pick her from school and she would ask me to wait for an extra thirty minutes while she had some extra lessons with her teacher concerning topics she hadn’t grasped through the day ( To me, these thirty minutes meant staying in traffic and other subsidiary delays ).

Michelle never missed a lesson even when she was very sick.
For I remember one particular day,We had spent the night in hospital and in the morning, she wanted her uniform to attend school yet she was not well AT ALL.

To cut the story short, what is my point in all this, we all know #Education is the acquisition of knowledge, skill, values and mutual habits. We all know for one to make a better future, you must be educated.
These education results are not what determines your future. I know of many students whose parents must be so mad out there for their children not performing to their expectations but I beseech you to show endless love to your child regardless. PLE is just a step to a higher level and all can turn around for better. Speak life into your children, love them unconditionally and show them how and what you believe in them.

There’s more to that. Putting more emphasis in personal interests, hobbies, talents and curriculum support is quite vital. There is so many ways a child can strive alongside education. That’s all that matters.

Congratulations to all Primary Leaving Examinations (P.L.E) candidates of last year ! Another level of education awaits your effort and may God see you through.