Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Homophobic Rant, ‘We Don’t Need No More Sissy Men’


Dog the Bounty Hunter
Launches Homophobic Tirade
‘We Don’t Need No More Sissy Men’

7/11/2023 4:10 PM PT

Dog the Bounty Hunter went on a homophobic rant that was fire, brimstone and very revealing.

The former reality TV star was interviewed Tuesday with his wife, Francie, talking about faith and religion before he set his sights on the LGBTQ+ community.

The show’s host, Sharell Barrera — who apparently runs an online Christian ministry — brought up transgender children and LGBTQ+ kids expressing their sexuality.

Dog jumped on it … saying we as a society have to stamp all that out, going on to say
“Jesus was not a sissy” — and that we don’t need any more “sissy men.”

When it comes to the month of June, Dog says … “The pride comes before the fall.” He wasn’t done … moving on to same-sex relationships, particularly men with men, and dropped the antiquated refrain … “God made Adam and Eve … not Adam and Steve.”

He then said anyone who was “coming for your children” would have to get past Jesus’ blood and shotgun shells first.