Donald Trump Could Still Be President If Feds Win Conviction


Donald Trump Indictment
Won’t Slow Campaign …
He Can Be Prez From Prison!!!

6/9/2023 2:24 PM PT


Former President Donald Trump‘s indictments won’t push him off the campaign trail … he could use the legal drama to catapult himself back to the presidency, even if he’s convicted.


Loyola Law School Professor Jessica Levinson joined us Friday on “this publication Live,” to break down the 37-count federal indictment — it’s the first ever against a former President, but she says if he plays it right, it won’t block his path to a 2024 victory.

What’s most shocking, perhaps, is Levinson says even if Trump loses in court — he’s also facing a NY state indictment — there’s nothing in the Constitution barring him from serving his term in a prison cell.

Music Trump Indictment EVIDENCE

With all that in mind, Jessica thinks it should come down to a simple question — do folks want to back a candidate who could be doing time while running the country?

She also clues us in on a potential tactic Trump’s opponents could use to get some of his supporters.

Music Trump Indictment EVIDENCE

As we reported, Trump was indicted once again Friday for allegedly taking boxes upon boxes of classified documents when he left the White House, and stashed them at Mar-a-Lago — some of them were stored in a bathroom.

He’s accused of breaking 7 different laws, including a whopping 31 counts of willful retention of national defense information.

Trump got in front of Friday’s indictment, posting a rant on Truth Social the day before — blaming President Biden for orchestrating a political witch hunt.