Elon Musk Fields Ideas for ‘SNL’ Skits a Week Before Showtime

Elon Musk
Week Before Showtime …
Anyone Got Ideas for ‘Snl’ skits???

5/1/2021 4:00 PM PT

Well this is kinda awkward — it’s just 7 days until curtain call for Elon Musk and the ‘SNL’ team, and he’s out here openly brainstorming skits on Twitter, which screams … unprepared.

The Tesla CEO took to Twitter Saturday — a full week before he’s set to host in NYC — and he was actually fielding ideas from randos about good sketches he and the cast could do. He might just be screwing around … OR, maybe he has no idea what’s actually in store.

Baby Shark & Shark Tank merge to form Baby Shark Tank

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) May 1, 2021

Here are just a few possibilities he’s kicking around between himself and his followers — he suggested “Woke James Bond,” “Irony Man” (who defeats villains using the power of irony), “Baby Shark Tank” (self-explanatory) … and he even entertained a Dogecoin idea.

Someone suggested he do a riff on the ‘The Godfather’ … and spin it like the Dogefather, which he’s been nicknamed for helping catapult the cryptocurrency into the mainstream.

Elon simply responded … “Definitely.”


— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) May 1, 2021

Again, it’s likely Elon’s just joshing around and simply teasing his appearance altogether. However, another scenario exists … that the ‘SNL’ team might not have filled him in entirely as to what skits are in play (yet), which isn’t all that crazy considering the bad blood that’s been brewing since the announcement.

If you haven’t heard, a few cast members publicly decried Elon being tapped as host — namely, Bowen Yang and Aidy Bryant … who didn’t seem to dig the idea of cozying up to Elon. Yang openly mocked a tweet Elon posted, which said, “Let’s find out just how live Saturday Night Live is” … to which Yang responded, “what the f*** does this even mean?”

more!! shade, i hope all the cast members kick him in elitist face pic.twitter.com/tplI0AdfyZ

— abby (@abbymorr11) April 25, 2021

Bryant was a little more subtle … posting a quote from Bernie Sanders about the incredibly wealthy class in this country — to which Elon belongs. He’s a multi-billionaire these days.

Time will tell if any of Elon’s ideas make it into the show — but ya gotta imagine the forthcoming rehearsal’s gonna be pretty tense based on the fact that … they don’t all seem to be on the same page.