Fans Choose Aitana’s ‘4TO 23’ as This Week’s Favorite New Music Latin


The Spanish pop star brought in more than 66 percent of the votes.

Aitana onstage at Madrid’s WiZink Center in December 2023.

Ricardo Rubio/Europa Press/Getty Images

Aitana’s latest single, “4TO 23,” has topped this week’s new music Latin poll.

In a poll published on Friday (July 5) — in support of the weekly New Music Latin roundup and playlist, curated by Billboard Latin and Billboard Español editors — music fans voted for the Spanish pop star’s latest production as their favorite music release of the week.

“4TO 23,” which loosely signifies “room 23,” generated over 66 percent of the votes, beating out new released that dropped that week such as Tiago PZK’s new album GOTTI A, Christian Nodal’s “No Me 100to Bien,” and Lunay’s comeback track “Gym.”




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See latest videos, charts and news

Coming in second place as a fan favorite was Andrés Cepeda’s “El Café,” which boasted more than 23 percent of the votes.

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Aitana’s latest bop, her first single following her 2023 album alpha, is a sugary pop tune fused with ’80s and early 2000s melodies, and narrates the sensual story of a girl who’s inviting her crush over to spend the night with her in her apartment.

“Turn off the light/undress me/I’ll do everything to you for the first time/Turn off the light and touch me/do to me evеrything that I’ve imagined,” she chants in the catchy chorus.

Last week, music fans voted for Deny K and Angel Dior’s “WOA” as their favorite music release, winning with over 50 percent of the votes. Coming in second place was Xavi’s “OOTD” with 42% of the votes. See the final results of this week’s new music poll and check out Aitana’s latest track below:

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