First Spin: The Week’s Best New Dance Tracks From SG Lewis, Dillon Francis With Illenium & Evan Giia & More

This week in dance music: On the 20th anniversary of the RAVE Act, we did a deep dive on the rise of the legislation and the dance promoters who came into the crosshairs of the DEA, Calvin Harris teased a genuinely all-star forthcoming collaboration with Halsey, Justin Timberlake and Pharrell, Beyoncé scored her first No. 1 on Dance/Electronic Songs with the ’90s house homage “Break My Soul,” Insomniac Music Group signed a global admin partnership deal with Sony Music Publishing and ADE 2022 announced a huge first wave of artist programming.


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See latest videos, charts and news

New music? We’ve got that too. Let’s dig in.

SG Lewis, “Something About Your Love”

If SG Lewis’ “Something About Your Love” could be summed up in one emoji, it’d be heart-eyes — not just because this writer is enamored, but because the song itself is a rush of the sappy emotions that rom-com happy endings are made of. The second half of Lewis’ double-single “Missing You” / “Something About Your Love” (out now on Astralwerks), “Something” captures the essence of infatuation in its summery French touch groove, from glittering accents and warm keys to noodly synths lifting off into euphoria as Lewis croons through a vocal filter: “Can’t find any words/ Couldn’t tell you what makes it perfect/ You’re the cure for the hurt…”

“It’s no secret I’m a massive Daft Punk fan. It’s the closest thing I’ve ever made to a tribute to them,” says Lewis of the song. “I was listening to Discovery a lot, and there’s a specific technique to it. I chopped up the sample of these ’70s keys and drums. It came together easily. Lyrically, it’s a pure confession of admiration for someone.” — KRYSTAL RODRIGUEZ

Dillon Francis, Illenium & EVAN GIIA

Dillon Francis is sort of the journeyman of dance music, traversing genres as disparate as moombahton and house during his decade-plus career and collaborating with the likes of Flosstradamus, Alison Wonderland and Valentino Khan. His latest, “Don’t Let Me Go” is a collaboration with future bass leader Illenium and the always formidable vocalist EVAN GIIA, who’ve all been playing this one out in their respective sets for months. While the sound is another new terrain for Francis, it’s one he seems at home in, despite the apparent delays in this project.

“Did it take me more than two years to finish this song with Illenium and EVAN GIIA? You’re damn right it did,” says Francis. “Do I think you need to check it out so I can feel a sense of accomplishment in my life, that the two years of late nights and early mornings weren’t for nothing and that I’m worth a damn and that my mom and dad should be proud of me and that my brother needs to get off my back about buying him a new mountain bike because I supposedly broke it but it was already broken even though I don’t have proof? Yes. Please. Thank you.” — KATIE BAIN

Infected Mushroom & Bliss, “A Cookie From Space”

Not many artists can pull off a 10-minute, multi-movement, electronic epic. Then again, not many artists are Infected Mushroom. The Isreali psytrance leaders have been wowing fans and audiences with over-the-top stage production and conceptual heaters for 25 years. That’s longer than a lot of modern festival kids have been alive, let alone raving. In honor of the milestone, the duo have prepared a celebratory album, IM25, and the lead single from that album, “A Cookie From Space,” is a fist-pumping, mind-expanding sonic journey fit for the stuff of legends.

“‘A Cookie from Space’ is a collaboration between us and Bliss, and it has the feel of a band playing all together,” the duo says. “This was our fourth or fifth collective effort! The title comes from the lyrics which say, ‘A cookie from space is melting your face.’ Bliss wrote it, and when someone has a mullet from space, you don’t ask for the meaning, you just sit in awe of the inspiration that flows from its wondrous nature.”

The release is out now on Monstercat, and the album is due in full come September. Prepare for blast off, and don’t get any crumbs on the couch. – KAT BEIN

Eli & Fur, “Skyway”

If you’re going to premiere a deeply dreamy new track, the best place to do so is arguably from the similarly dreamy peak of a snow-covered Italian mountain. That’s exactly what London-based duo Eli & Fur did during their recent set for Cercle, during which the sweeping beauty of their productions were rivaled only by the landscape itself. Appropriately titled “Skyway,” the deep house track is out now via Cercle Records, a new venture from the lauded French company that produces electronic sets in stunning locations worldwide. Catch Eli & Fur at upcoming dates including Avant Gardner in New York, Sound in Los Angeles and Tomorrowland in Belgium. — K. Bain

Ewan McVicar, “Heather Park”

After nearly a year of begging from fans, a much-anticipated Ewan McVicar track is finally getting its day. “Heather Park,” the title track of his new EP (out now), has been closing the Scottish producer’s sets for a hot minute now, and upon first listen it’s a no-brainer. The plucky lead melody, bright and piercing, lingers in the air like a fond memory. Add swelling strings and sprawling pads and you have a muggy, open-air sound speckled in sweat and nostalgia.

Heather Park marks McVicar’s debut on Ninja Tune’s Technicolour imprint — a move that solidifies why Billboard named him a dance artist to watch in 2022. More than a career milestone, it also hits on a personal note: “Heather Park is the street I grew up in. I shared a room with my two brothers and we grew a family bond in this house like no other,” says McVicar. “Writing ‘Heather Park’ in my mind was the melody and pulling as much emotion from the pluck as I could. With the name being after our first family house, I wanted it to be reminiscent of all the great memories we had there — and that’s where the thick bass-line, strings and pads come in.” — K.R.

Lamorn, “Who We Are”

Strap on a helmet and get ready for the groovy ride of your life. 19-year-old Deadmau5 protege Lamorn isn’t legally old enough to drink, but he’s damn sure got his license to funk. “Who We Are” is the latest incredible release from the rising star, named one of Billboard‘s 21 Under 21 earlier this year. Underneath the track’s silky smooth disco surface, you’ll find snarling bass lines, brilliant drum chops and a catchy vocal sample that’ll have you dancing on air. Lamorn is from the United States, but if you played this song for us and told us it was the next wave of a French house takeover, we’d believe you. – K. Bein

Kygo & Dean Lewis, “Lost Without You”

The unstoppable Kygo teams up with Australian vocalist Dean Lewis the type of huge, emotive anthem that Kygo fans know and love. “Lost Without You” is the second single from the pair, who recently also dropped the similarly soaring (and lovelorn) “Never Really Loved Me.” It’s altogether a cherry on top of a big moment for Norwegian producer Kygo, who just played a sold-out show in the biggest arena in his native country, hosted a music festival in The Hamptons, and has dates at Osheaga, Lollapalooza and Life Is Beautiful on the calendar. — K. Bain