Fonseca Shares Stage With 5-Year-Old Son & Other Surprises at Miami Show


The Colombian star also featured Catalina García and maraichis during the sold-out concert on Father’s Day eve.

Fonseca and his son Agustín perform at Kaseya Center in Miami on June 17, 2023.

Camilo Baez


Fonseca played the second to last show of the U.S. leg of his Viajante tour in his adopted city of Miami on Saturday (June 17), performing three solid hours of music, music, music in many forms: his tropical pop, pure vallenato, traces of symphonic and even with a full mariachi band. Through it all, the common denominator was that piercing, pathos-filled tenor voice that’s been able to navigate trends and market fickleness since he broke out with his hit “Te mando flores” in 2005.




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Playing to a sold-out Kaseya Center as part of the Loud and Live-promoted tour, the Colombian star was backed by a six piece band — accordion, guitar, bass, percussion, keyboard and drums — and breezed through a long setlist that covered his vast and varied output. An efficient, beautiful singer, Fonseca needed little more than the nearly wrap-around screens surrounding the stage to keep the audience on its feet for the duration of the show. Still, he had quite a few surprises up his sleeve — here are five of note.

Fonseca at Kaseya Center in Miami on June 17, 2023. Photo: Camilo Baez.

5-Year-Old Son Agustín Steals the Show

Dressed all in black, Fonseca’s youngest son Agustín looked like his dad’s mini-me as he took the stage to sit commandingly behind the drum set for “Por pura curiosidad” in the latter part of the show. He was so tiny! Would he be able to hold his own in front of a screaming crowd of 10,000? Yes, he did. In full concentration mode, Agustín handled the bass pedal and toms with aplomb, crossed his hands for some flair, and added some razzle dazzle with the cymbals, without missing a beat.

Catalina García Duets “Nuestra canción”

Dressed in a stunning red outfit, the Colombian singer — one half of eclectic duo Monsieur Periné — joined Fonseca for a new rendition of Periné’s hit and for Fonseca’s “2005.” “I’ve always admired what Periné does,” said Fonseca, who makes a point of collaborating often with fellow Colombians.

Mariachi and Parranda Vallenata

“En fiesta que se respete hay mariachi y parranda vallenata! (Any decent party has mariachis and vallenato)” Fonseca shouted to the crowd. He meant it quite literally. Halfway through the show, following an instrumental interlude, he popped up high on the bleachers on the opposite side of the stage, surrounded by a mariachi. He then proceeded to sing a set of ranchera hits — and yes, it is a tradition In Colombian parties to bring maraichis — surrounded by fans very up close and personal who surrounded him on the stands and greeted him effusively as he made his way back to the stage. It was a brilliant social media touch that also brought the audience far closer to their star than they could have imagined.

Fonseca at Kaseya Center in Miami on June 17, 2023. Photo: Camilo Baez

When the Star Films the Crowd

In another brilliant “let’s delight the crowd” move, prior to “Arroyito,” Fonseca grabbed his videographer’s go-cam and filmed the band onstage so fans in the audience could see themselves up on the giant screens. Great way to give everyone a moment in the sun.

Te Mando Flores

What can I say, you have to wait for it. It’s 30 songs deep, one short of the grand finale. It’s worth it.

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