George Clooney Reportedly Selling Lakeside Italian Villa


George Clooney
Nice Knowing Ya, Como …
Reportedly Selling Italian Villa!!!

9/23/2023 1:33 PM PT

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George Clooney is apparently packing up his bags and leaving Lake Como in the dust — the dude is said to be unloading his waterfront villa … this after more than 2 decades there.

The actor is reportedly putting his massive Italian home on the market — this according to Italian outlet Oggi … which says it’s confirmed with a local real estate agent purported to be involved in the sale.

This woman, Yasemin Baysal, is quoted as saying … “The rumors were also going around in previous years, but this time it’s true.” She goes on to say that an agency in Milan will be handling the bulk of the transaction — but refuses to say which one exactly.

What she does reveal, though, is that one potential client is very interested in GC’s pad. As for how much it’s going for — there doesn’t seem to be an exact price listed. Clooney’s villa was estimated to be valued at as much as $100 million last year … but the real estate agent tells Oggi that a more realistic ask is somewhere in the ballpark of $75-$85 mil.

Either way, it’s a helluva profit margin for George and his wife, Amal. He bought the place way back in 2002 for a reported $10 million from the famed Heinz family … and he’s had it in his possession ever since. As for why they’re bailing … Oggi reports Amal doesn’t like the area, and supposedly prefers Provence — which is in the South of France.

They bought another estate there not too long ago and moved in as well. It’s not on the water like their Como mansion is … this one is super private, in the countryside, and sits on a vineyard. For years, Clooney’s presence in Como has drawn a lot of press and eyeballs.

Artistes george clooney

On its face, it would seem the Clooneys want something a little more low-key and tucked away, and they certainly got that with their new buy.

As for the old Como crib … whoever ends up being the new owner is gonna be living like a king. It’s got all the bells and whistles — a private gym, a private theater, a basketball court, a vegetable garden, private docks … not to mention upwards of 25 rooms total. Mamma Mia!