George Lopez Video Shows He Warned Audience Before Storming Off Stage


George Lopez
New Video From Shortened Show …
Warned Audience About Interruptions


George Lopez used baseball rules at his recent comedy show … giving his fans three warnings to stop interrupting before storming offstage — in new footage obtained by this publication.

The new clips show the comedian at Eagle Mountain Casino Friday night in the middle of a marijuana bit when the ruckus kicks off … upsetting George who’s clearly trying to get through his set.

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Watch the clip … it’s all going fine until a fan yells out something that isn’t just a cheer … though it doesn’t necessarily sound like heckling. GL’s frustration shines through and he ominously says, “That’s one.”

However, it seems the audience thinks the famed comedian’s cracking a joke … ’cause a smattering of laughter ripples through the crowd and — as he tries to restart — he hears a comment and brings the tally up to two.

The straw that breaks the camel’s back — a woman asking if she can buy George a drink brings Lopez to his feet. He put the mic into the stand and tells the crowd he can’t continue through their yelling.

The crowd protests, and Lopez responds by saying he may seem like a world-class A-hole, but actually he’s in the middle of his job … and, he needs the audience to stop yelling.


George tells the audience to just sit there — no need to say anything if they don’t like it — before they begin to boo … and Lopez leaves.

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We told you all about this yesterday … fans shared a video of the aftermath of this incident — and Eagle Mountain shaded Lopez in an IG post, saying he let his fans down.

Artistes george lopez comments.

Lopez’s team responded by saying the casino overserved the unruly crowd and couldn’t provide a safe environment — calling the venue’s security inadequate.

We’ve reached out to George’s team for comment on this video. No word back yet.

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