Ghana: 2024 Elections

The Right Reverend Hilliard Dogbe, Presiding Bishop of the A.M.E. Zion Church, Western West Africa Episcopal District, has called for a peaceful elections as the nation prepares for the 2024 polls.

In his address, he urged Ghanaians to refrain from engaging in personal attacks, negativity, and divisive politics that could disrupt the relative harmony and stability of the country.

Bishop Dogbe emphasised that engaging in politics of insult and negativity does not contribute to the progress of this nation, and instead, he encouraged citizens to listen to the various candidates and fulfill their civic responsibility.

During a sermon delivered at the church’s end of year service in Accra, he highlighted the importance of civility in politics, as it fosters a healthy political environment and upholds Ghana’s democratic process.

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Regarding the Akosombo Dam spillage, Bishop Dogbe expressed gratitude to the fact that there were no casualties and extended his hopes for a swift recovery for the affected families.

He acknowledged the unwavering support received from individuals, organisations, and community members, both near and far, which he believed demonstrated the resilience and unity that can be achieved through faith and God’s grace.

The Presiding Bishop called upon believers to anticipate the manifestation of God’s glory in all aspects of life.

He reassured the congregation of God’s unwavering promises and emphasised the importance of trusting in the Lord for guidance, despite the challenges that lie ahead.

Bishop Dogbe stressed the significance of maintaining a close relationship with God, urging individuals to go beyond mere church attendance and adhere to the principles of His word and ethical standards.

As the New Year unfolds, marked by anticipated difficulties, he encouraged reliance on the power of God to navigate challenges with unwavering faith