Glen Powell Leaves Pre-Grammys Bash With Multiple Models


Glen Powell
Ready to Party All Night Long…
Hanging w/ Giggly Models

2/4/2024 2:45 PM PT

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Glen Powell‘s really putting all those Sydney Sweeney rumors to bed … ’cause instead of pining over his engaged costar he’s partying with tons of models!

The actor stepped out in L.A. Saturday after a Pre-Grammys bash with a few lovely ladies … and even though he didn’t say anything to the photogs waiting outside the venue he still made quite the impression on the crowd.


GP hopped in an SUV with several people including models Sienna Raine and Sarah Hands … and, if we’re being honest, a couple of his companions seemed absolutely smitten with the guy.

Just look at those faces … big smiles and attentive eyes — seems like Powell was the life of the party. Not exactly surprising given the dude’s not only drop-dead gorgeous, but he’s also hella funny to boot!

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Glen’s clearly moving on in the dating world … remember, his longtime GF Gigi Paris dumped him amid speculation he was interested in Euphoria’s Sydney Sweeney — the two starred in the rom-com “Anyone But You” and on-set photos looked flirty as hell.

Of course, the pair have denied anything was going on between them … though Sydney left some suggestive comments on Glen’s IG and said she cares about him deeply — a lot of stuff that caught fans’ eyes.

Glen seems to be putting those rumors to rest — hopefully once and for all — here … ’cause the man’s clearly enjoying the single life after getting out of a long relationship.

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Bottom line … “Anyone But You” is just a movie title — ’cause it seems these ladies weren’t interested in Anyone But Glen!