Google Confirms It’s Looking into a Major Android Auto Annoyance

Google Confirms It’s Looking into a Major Android Auto Annoyance

Using nothing more than voice commands, you can technically launch apps, start playing a song, make a call, or respond to a text message, all thanks to Google Assistant on Android Auto.

But in addition to so many other problems, Google Assistant has recently started lagging in Android Auto, with several users confirming that it needs too many seconds to respond.

As we reported only a few days ago, Android Auto does recognize the voice command that the user sends, only that Google Assistant launches a few seconds later, in some cases even being interrupted completely without the action actually executed.

Certainly, this is a frustrating experience, and while Google has originally remained tight-lipped on the whole thing, it now looks like the company has started looking into the problem to see what’s going on.

There are no specifics available other than “the Assistant team is investigating,” but at least we know that Google is looking into it and there’s now a chance to see the whole thing fixes sooner or later.

In the meantime, there’s no way to take care of this annoyance on your own, although some users claim that downgrading the Google app to an older version sometimes improves the experience with the assistant – the Google app is the one that’s powering Google Assistant both on the phone and in the car.

This doesn’t seem to do the trick for everybody, though, so right now, the best option is to just give up on voice commands and wait for Google to come up with a full fix.

The company is projected to roll out a new Android Auto update in late August or early September, but the fix for the Assistant problem will be included in a new Google app update. No ETA is available just yet though.