‘Grand Theft Auto VI’ Trailer Leaks Day Early, Rockstar Yanks Footage


‘Grand Theft Auto VI’
Trailer Leaks a Day Early …
Rockstar Yanks Footage

12/4/2023 4:28 PM PT

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The trailer for the highly-anticipated ‘Grand Theft Auto VI’ is dropping this week — but it did so a full day early due to a leak … which Rockstar Games is now scrambling to undo.

Here’s the deal … the trailer for ‘GTA 6’ was scheduled to be officially released on Tuesday — but a good 24 hours beforehand … an account on Twitter/X posted the whole damn thing in full, and it made the rounds for good couple hours or so online. Unclear how this happened.

Artistes gta 6

The trailer was a minute and a half long, and it featured a lot of goods from what fans can expect in the new installment — including new characters (like a male and female co-lead) and a bunch of other side roles. The maps were also unveiled in the leaked version.

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Just about every tech/gaming account that covers this sort of stuff quote-tweeted the one account that posted the trailer — but now, that video has been removed from the internet entirely, so it appears Rockstar and co. are leaping up and down to yank it … and want to release it on their own terms tomorrow.

First look at the ‘GTA 6’ map, Vice City. pic.twitter.com/MLFFfaFETj

— DiscussingFilm (@DiscussingFilm) December 4, 2023

Unfortunately for them, screengrabs from the trailer are circulating all over the place … and everyone’s already seen what ‘GTA 6’ will entail. That also includes a lot of high-tech stuff within the game itself, including live streams from the characters themselves.

It certainly looks pretty cool … and yeah, it sucks that Rockstar’s thunder got stolen here. But hey, people are just happy this game is finally landing after a whopping 10 years.

BTW, ‘Grand Theft Auto VI’ won’t actually come out ’til 2025 … so there’s a bit more waiting in store. Long-suffering ‘GTA’ heads will suffer just a bit more.