Gwyneth Paltrow Ski Crash Trial May Not Be Over, Doctor Considering Appeal


Gwyneth Paltrow
It Might Not Be Over …
Ski Crash Doctor Considering Appeal

4/1/2023 1:00 AM PT

Gwyneth Paltrow scored a major W in court in her ski crash trial, but it may not be totally over … as we’ve learned the doctor who alleged she injured him is considering an appeal.

Robert Sykes, attorney for Dr. Terry Sanderson tells this publication … “We sincerely disagree with the outcome and will consider all options moving forward …. including a motion to the court for a new trial or a possible appeal. All of those things are on the table.”

Sykes says he believes there were a number of errors made in the case that could form the basis of an appeal. He says one issue is that the judge allowed Gwyneth’s lawyers to dig into Terry’s past, which they insist was “totally unrelated” to the collision on the mountain but didn’t allow his lawyers the same with respect to Paltrow’s past.

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As we reported, the jury reached a verdict Thursday in the trial … saying it was Sanderson who caused the accident with GP on the ski slope — and not the other way around — as he had claimed.

The actress was awarded $1 in damages, the amount she demanded in her countersuit.


Sanderson sued Paltrow back in 2019, blaming her for slamming into him on the slopes at Deer Valley Resort in Utah back in 2016. Sanderson said he suffered a concussion and broken ribs as a result of the crash.


His initial lawsuit asked for more than $3 million in damages, however, the judge later ruled he could only get a maximum of $300K.

As far as the timeline of any of this, we’re told Terry’s team isn’t making any moves just yet … instead, they are considering their options and will take their time before making a final decision.

One thing’s for sure though, Sykes says Sanderson feels pretty bad right now, after investing his money and time into all of this for three years … and on top of everything else, he’s battling a cold.