Here’s the Pakistan’s Qualification Scenario for Semis if New Zealand Beats Sri Lanka in Today’s Clash

New Zealand’s win against Sri Lanka has thrown Pakistan into a tight spot, making their journey to the semi-finals a challenging one. Currently at 5th place with 8 points, Pakistan’s victory against New Zealand was a boost, but it’s not smooth sailing yet.

To make it to the semis, Pakistan not only has to beat England in their upcoming match but also needs a little luck from other games. Afghanistan, having suffered a recent loss, must now win against South Africa. Even then, Pakistan requires New Zealand and Afghanistan to face setbacks in their last games.

If New Zealand wins again, Pakistan’s task becomes even tougher. They not only need a convincing win against England but also have to rely on Afghanistan’s struggles in their matches. The tricky part is the net run rate, where New Zealand is ahead.

In simpler terms, it’s like a puzzle where everything needs to fall into place. Pakistan’s fate is now tied to New Zealand’s performance, Afghanistan’s outcomes, and, most importantly, their own match against England. The cricket world is holding its breath as each run and wicket will decide whether Pakistan makes it to the semi-finals or not. The next matches are set to be a rollercoaster of emotions for cricket fans worldwide.