I posted a new song "RAINBOW" on YouTube today!! Listen!Listen!Listen!Please!! thumbnail

I posted a new song “RAINBOW” on YouTube today!! Listen!Listen!Listen!Please!!

If you don’t know what this place is please check the end of this post.

🌈Thank you, best sheep!🌈

Every single one of her full originals has English captions, so it would be great if you could check them out and pass them on!

From the end of June until now Watame has released 9 new original songs in a wide variety of styles bringing her up to 11 full originals in total.

Watame’s 11th original song RAINBOW was written and composed by DECO*27. If you’re not familiar with the name you still have likely heard or seen some of his works like Otome Kaibou, Ghost Rule, Mozaik Role, Vampire, Cinderella, HIBANA, etc – they’re often favorites for singing streams/covers.

RAINBOW is the last original song Watame will release before her solo live concert on October 12th. I can only encourage people to check out the song/pass it along. If people are interested in doing a bit more to support the sheep, the solo concert is a huge step toward her trying to realize her Budokan dreams. If you want to come out for some great music from her the website is here and you can get digital tickets here on SPWN. Even if you’re unable to catch it live the vod will be kept for a month.

I really can’t understate how big this concert is for her!

11th original song: RAINBOW

10th original song: Holidays!

9th original song: Everlasting Soul

8th original song: Zero no Ashiato(ゼロの足跡)

7th original song: mayday, mayday

6th original song: Ohayou no Uta

5th original song: Ode to an Eternal Future

4th original song: sweetnight, sweettime

3rd original song: Melody For You

2nd original song: Cloudy Sheep

1st original song: Ai-mai Chocolate

Watame is commited to releasing a lot of different styles of music. If you haven’t checked her out you can probably find something you like.

If you want a sample of some of Watame’s recent covers:

  • Kaibutsu

  • Hello/How Are You

  • Sweet Devil

If you’re really interested in Watame’s music the entirety of her music since debut is over here and anything that is still on her channel is timestamped.

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