Idris Elba Says His Daughter Didn’t Get Role in ‘Beast,’ No Nepotism

Idris Elba
My Daughter Didn’t Get ‘Beast’ Role …
No Nepotism Here, Love!!!

8/20/2022 3:12 PM PT

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Idris Elba says his own kid auditioned to play his onscreen daughter in his latest movie — a part she didn’t get … even though her old man could’ve presumably pulled some strings.

The actor was recently on “The Breakfast Club” with producer Will Packer, plugging their new flick “Beast” … which just hit theaters. During the convo, IE revealed that his 20-year-old, Isan, actually read for a part … one of the two daughters featured in the film.

He says she didn’t end up getting it because the chemistry just wasn’t right … and, as a result, Isan didn’t talk to her dad for about three weeks. So, yeah … some sour grapes.

In the end, though, Isan did make it to the premier and actually posed with Idris — so it seems it’s all water under a bridge now. Still, though … the fact Idris didn’t just make it happen simply because she was his daughter is getting some kudos in the film community.

idris elba isan elba

Packer actually elaborates on this a bit more in the interview, telling the hosts that Idris insisted that Isan get put through the normal process that every other actress was going through … and to judge her on merit. Packer says she was close to landing it — but in the end, they went with Leah Jeffries and Iyana Halley to play Idris’ children.

Apparently, Isan took the news gracefully … and Will says Idris’ anti-nepotism stance was appreciated by all who worked on the film. He’s even getting props on Twitter right now.

BTW, Isan’s actually got her own IMDb page … it looks like she’s only got one acting credit thus far — a short film called “Crimson Ties” — but something tells us she might be getting some more looks now that Idris has spoken out on her desire to get into the movies.

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Just don’t expect any favors from dad along the way … good old-fashioned tough love!