Is this idiot of a Phaneroo pastor so blind that he cannot see! – Stella Nyanzi calls Apostle Grace Lubega “Agent of Satan”.

Just like it sher culture of late to respond to all issues going on in the country, Dr.Stella Nyanzi has come out to condemn the act by apostle Grave Lubega of Phaneroo of dissing Bobi Wine, as she called it.

Below is Nyanzi’s Full Statement.


Last night my lover sent me this video of Pastor Grace Lubega of Phaneroo dissing Bobi Wine at the pulpit. I shuddered with pain and disappointment as I watched many Ugandan believers swallowing wholesale the hateful and highly judgemental message. For a moment, I regretted belonging to the church in Uganda. I was ashamed by the levels of dogma in church today. I felt sorry for the manifest ignorance.

I took time to transcribe the sermon. As I wrote down this hateful gossip’s message, I unpacked the many erroneous assumptions. Pastor Grace Lubega must be a diaolical agent of Satan masquerading as a child of God! Ushindwe Sheitwani wewe, ushindwe!

Firstly, the pastor refers to Bobi as ‘a drug addict’, ‘a ganja man’, ‘a fellow of side B’, ‘a man with a side B’, and ‘a man whose God is weed’. These names allude to Bobi being hooked onto drugs, smoking weed, having anal sex, and being either homosexual or bisexual. Huh!

Where is the proof that Bobi Wine is addicted to drugs? What drugs? Where is the proof that he is hooked onto ganja? Where is the evidence that Bobi has anal sex? Does he fuck butts or is his butt fucked? Or in fact does Bobi enjoy a bit of both, in addition to fucking vaginas? Did Bobi fuck this pastor’s anus or did Pastor Grace Lubega fuck Bobi’s anus? Where is the proof that Bobi Wine is a drug-addicted ganja-smoking butt-fucking gay man? Without proof, this Phaneroo pastor is a deluded naysayer abusing the pulpit to mudsling, ridicule, insult, incriminate smear shit and spread hearsay upon an innocent Ugandan leader. What a shame, shame, shame!

Secondly, this Phaneroo Pastor desecrates the Constitution of Uganda. Similar to Museveni and his gang-bangers who raped important articles out of our Constitution, Pastor Grace Lubega makes another fallacious assertion. He says that “Uganda cannot be secular. Africa cannot be secular. Europe cannot be secular…” What a dumbass fucker this ignoramus is!

Article 7 of the Constitution clearly states that “Uganda shall not adopt a state religion.” Uganda is a secular country. We have no state religion. This is the supreme law of the land. What sort of criminal is this pastor? Why is he preaching against the supreme law of Uganda? Why is his church spreading crime and criminality from the pulpit? Shouldn’t the police be investigating the crimes preached and practised by the pastors and members of this Phaneroo Ministries? Why is this pastor shitting in our constitution? What false teaching is this guy dishing out? What does he smoke in his pipe before pouncing onto that pulpit? Is he a ganja man too?

Thirdly, just like the loose cannon that he is, this pastor erroneously blames Bobi Wine for failing to change the ghetto. He maliciously states, “If you have not changed the ghetto, you are not gonna change a nation!” Is this idiot of a Phaneroo pastor so blind that he cannot see how much Bobi has already changed the ghetto? Bobi carried the ghetto on his youthful shoulders and took it right into the heart of the Parliament of Uganda. Bobi took the ghetto from the margins of society and thrust it center-stage into the pulsing heartbeat of Uganda’s politics. Bobi took the ghetto from invisibility and plastered it all over local, regional and global news.

By mobilising throngs upon throngs of ghetto people into a huge chunk of the People Power movement, Bobi Wine invited the ghetto onto the powerful political stage where their masses come in as powerful contenders. Bobi changed the ghetto by empowering its people to reclaim and use their power to grab power back from the militant elitist dictatorship. Bobi changed the ghetto by making it the exemplar, the cool place, the home of powerful political players, the birth place of freedom fighters. We all now think it’s cool to be a ghetto person. We all now want to come from the ghetto. We all now dream and desire about getting lovers from the ghetto. Bobi made the ghetto the bestest happening place in UG. What is this foolishly blind Pastor Grace Lubega yapping?

Fourthly, the lying spirits in this pastor are manifest when he makes heavy assertions about Bobi Wine not being a believer. The pastor repeatedly asks the congregation to pray that God raises a believer to lead the nation instead of Uganda. He repeatedly issues his rejection of Bobi Wine on the basis of a doubtable projection that Bobi is a godless non-believer. Sheitwani ashindwe kabisa!

Who said that Bobi Wine is not a believer? Why does this pastor assume that Bobi does not believe in God? When did this shithead of a pastor sit with God to cross-check Bobi’s state of godliness or lack thereof. Man looks on the outside but God looks at the heart. Besides, I have witnessed Bobi humbly praying in different church buildings. I have watched him receiving prayers from intercessors of diverse faiths. Why is Judge Grace Lubega unjustly judging Bobi Wine from hearsay and envy?

Fifthly, this pastor inaccurately believes that only holy saints attend the church he preaches in at Lugogo. How foolish! How blase! How naive! How pedestrian a thinker Grace Lubega is. Doesn’t he know that the church is full of sick sinners? Doesn’t he know that Jesus did not come for perfect saints but for sinners? Doesn’t he know that his congregation is full of many weed smoking, drug taking, butt fucking people or else sinners of diverse means?

If this Phaneroo pastor cannot vote for Bobi because of Bobi’s assumed sinfulness, then the pastor cannot vote for any other human being. The Bible clearly says that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. All have sinned. Look at holier than thou Janet Museveni who masquerades around as the holiest believer in Jesus Christ. How much sin does she drag around? Shall I count her innumerable sins? Look at all the Born Again or religious MPs, ministers, public officers, business people, and armed officers. How deeply scarlet are their sins?

Sixthly, this Pastor repeatedly fakes an apology. Lying about being remorseful for offending his audience, he speaks like a mukopi Muganda woman faking an orgasm. Ensikina mbi ajitutte ku kituuti alowoza tetumulaba bweyesikinyasikinya ku kituuti. Mbu, “I am sorry if I have offended you!”

Of course we are offended and insulted. We are insulted that he takes us for ignorant fools. We are insulted that he clearly does not respect our constitution. We are insulted that he assumes to be holier than both God and the holy scriptures. We are insulted that he chooses to sit in the throne of judgement and just Bobi Wine. We are insulted that he is deeply homophobic. We are insulted that he stigmatises and maligns mentally ill people who are battling with drug addictions. We are insulted that he rejects and criminalises the ghetto simply because it is the ghetto. We are insulted that he refuses to acknowledge the enormous multifarious changes that Bobi Wine has brought to the ghettos of Uganda.

Seventhly, the idiot of a pastor rebukes his congregation for being emotional. What the fuck is this sort of preaching. God created us as emotional beings. It is in our human nature to be emotional about those things we hold dear. Women may be more emotional than men, but all humans are emotional beings. How on Earth can we not be emotional about Uganda our motherland? How can we not be emotional about the political, economic, and social crises in our country resulting from bad leadership? This pastor is absolutely repulsive.

From scripture, it is clear that God often chooses the most unlikely candidates to be the leaders of great nations facing crisis. Bobi may indeed be a ‘drug addict’, ‘ganja man’, and a ‘man of side B’ as accused. God is no respector of persons. If the people of the ghetto chose him for Ghetto President, the people of Magere chose him as Empologoma ye Magere, the people of Kyaddondo East chose him as their Honourable Member of Parliament, and the people of Uganda have faith in him as the leader of the People Power movement, why hate on his annointing to lead? Why preach hatred for a man on a mission from God in consortium with all the good God’s and goddesses of Uganda? Pastor Grace Lubega, ushindwe sheitwani wewe!