Jacob Blake Sues Kenosha Police Officer Who Shot and Paralyzed Him

Jacob Blake Sues Kenosha Police Officer Who Shot and Paralyzed Him

Jacob Blake
Sues Kenosha Cop Who Shot, Paralyzed Him

3/25/2021 4:27 PM PT

Jacob Blake is going after the police officer who repeatedly shot him in the back as he got in his SUV … he’s suing the officer for the injuries that left him paralyzed.

Jacob’s legal team, led by attorney Ben Crump, just filed a federal lawsuit against Kenosha police officer Rusten Sheskey for the August 2020 shooting.

According to the lawsuit, obtained by this publication, Jacob claims he made no physical or verbal threats towards any officer and was trying to walk away from the situation when Sheskey shot him in the back 6 times.


Raysean White via TMX.news

In the docs, Jacob says he had a folding knife on him, but he never brandished it or threatened to use it, and when he dropped it on the floor of his SUV Sheskey still opened fire.

Jacob claims one of the bullets severed his spinal cord, leaving him paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. He says he still can’t work and needs help with daily tasks … despite surgeries and physical rehab.

In the suit, Jacob claims Sheskey fired 7 shots, including one that struck the side door of the SUV. He says the bullet could have ripped through the car and struck one of his kids had it not been stopped by the SUV’s reinforced steel.

Jacob claims the shooting constituted excessive force under the circumstances and Sheskey must be held accountable … remember, neither Sheskey nor the other cops involved were criminally charged.

Jacob’s going after Sheskey for unspecified damages … and he wants a jury trial.