Jake Paul Loses 8-Round Split Decision To Tommy Fury


Jake Paul
Loses To Tommy Fury
… By Split Decision

2/26/2023 3:19 PM PT

Courtesy MVP Management, LLC

Jake Paul has finally met his match — the YouTuber-turned-boxing star just lost to Tommy Fury in an 8-round split decision in Saudi Arabia.

After years of trash talk, the men finally met in the boxing ring and beat the hell out of each other over the course of 24 minutes … while stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Deontay Wilder and Mike Tyson watched from the arena.

26-year-old Jake and 23-year-old Tommy had their moments … both landing big shots throughout the fight. In the 8th round, Paul landed a jab that sent Fury to the canvas. TF quickly returned to his feet, and was very competitive for the remainder of the round.

Tommy appeared to be the bigger man in the small, 18-foot ring and used his reach advantage and jab to keep Jake at bay.

When the best part of this fight is the presenter thinking Logan Paul loves him… pic.twitter.com/qHm0VpkIeL

— Roman Kemp (@romankemp) February 26, 2023

Fury was the more active fighter … throwing 302 punches, with 88 landing. Paul threw 157 punches and landed 49.

It was a split decision on the judge’s scorecards … one judge had Jake ahead by a point. The other two judges had Tommy winning, and that was the difference.

Tommy was emotional after the match, saying the feud with Paul has dominated the last two years of his life. Fury also said he now has made a name for himself … stepping out of his heavyweight champion brother Tyson’s shadow.

“Tonight I made my own legacy. I am Tommy Fury.”

During his postfight interview, Paul, who accepted the loss but also made it clear he dealt with injury and sickness during camp, made it clear he intends to exercise the rematch clause in his contract. Tommy also seemed down, telling Jake to bring it on.

Once Jake got back to his locker room, he sent a message to his followers on social media, vowing to come back.

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The loss now brings Paul’s pro record to 6-1 … and Fury’s to 9-0.

As for Fury vs. Paul II, stay tuned!