Jeff Ross Says Chris Rock Took Will Smith Down with His Jokes, Not Fists


Jeff Ross
Chris Took Will Down with Jokes
… He’s Won the Battle

3/6/2023 3:17 PM PT


Jeff Ross says Chris Rock is walking away with the ‘W’ in the Will Smith Oscars slap saga — and he commends his friend doing so without using his hands, just a silver tongue.

We got the comedian Monday in L.A. after he’d flown back from Chris’ live special in Baltimore … and he said the whole event was just as epic as it looked and sounded on TV.


Jeff, the famed roast master, says Chris got the better of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith in the end … and he’s pretty high on how Chris handled it, even if it did take a year to address. However, he points out the special touched on a lot more than just the Smiths … and he was impressed by its overall message.

He did have a fave bit, BTW … the one about Beyonce and Jay-Z, which he says might be the joke of the year. We can’t do it justice here — you gotta see the special — but it’s basically about Bey being so hot she could get Jay no matter what her job was. Not so much for him, though.

On the question of how Will should respond, if at all, Jeff does have some advice — and, no, it doesn’t involve violence.