Jerry Springer’s Scene From Play Tricks Fans into Thinking He Read Actual Will


Jerry Springer
Clip From Virtual Play Tricks Twitter
… Thought He Was Really Reading His Will!!!

5/16/2023 7:58 AM PT

Youtube / Tulane School of Liberal Arts

A clip of Jerry Springer has gone viral on Twitter, showing him reading a last will and testament with a bunch of juicy details … and some fans think it’s the real deal, but it turns out to be more fiction than fact.

The vid shows Jerry in a Zoom call, divvying up his assets to his children … more specifically, leaving a good portion to 2 Black kids he had out of wedlock — of course, this is in no way rooted in reality.

It’s actually a pandemic-era virtual play called, “Blood Money.” Jerry made a cameo in the production, which was featured in “REFRAMED 2020: A Festival of New Plays on Social Justice,” presented by Tulane University … the school where he once was a student.

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It’s a pretty interesting piece, but gullible folks online took it and ran … with one saying, “Only Jerry Springer could go out like this.”

Another person said Jerry “wrote” the best episode of his drama-filled reality show yet.

As if the evidence against this being legit wasn’t enough, a source connected to Jerry tells us this obviously isn’t real, adding he only had one daughter throughout his life.

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You’ll recall, Jerry was laid to rest earlier this month in a Chicago suburb … after dying from pancreatic cancer.

Unclear if the rumor-starters knew the clip was a play, but, of course, trolls will be trolls!