Julia Fox Defends Brother and Dad’s Arrest Despite Being ‘Embarrassed’


Julia Fox
Embarrassed by Brother’s Arrest
… But He Can Finally Get Help!!!

3/17/2023 10:53 AM PT

Julia Fox says she’s embarrassed by her brother’s troubling arrest, but she’s looking at the silver lining of it all … hoping it’ll force him to get some help.

Julia shared a TikTok video Thursday addressing the police raid — which turned up ghost guns and drug-making materials — on her dad Thomas and brother Christopher earlier this month. Julia says Thomas was released the same night and had no criminal involvement whatsoever.

Speaking to her brother’s character, she said, “I know my brother and I’ve always known him to be like… the sweetest, most gentle, kind, soft-spoken, loves animals, loves to plant flowers…”

Fox acknowledges both she and Thomas have a lot of trauma — something she says he has internalized, while she has been able to find an outlet.

Julia admitted she was embarrassed by the whole thing … but she says the silver lining is he’ll finally be able to get the help she’s been trying to get him for so long.